SEC Invites Comment on Definition of Accredited Investor

SEC Definition of Accredited InvestorHat Tip to Joe Wallin for noting the SEC has requested public comments as to whether and how they should revise the definition of “accredited investor.”

As I’ve previously noted, for most tech startups it’s very important that they only sell stock to accredited investors. It comes down to this: the securities laws impose a number of onerous obligations on startups whenever they sell securities to someone who is not an accredited investor. [Read more…]

Catapult 2013 – Tools for a 21st Century Legal Career

I’ll be speaking at the upcoming Catapult 2013 conference to be held in San Francisco on April 13, 2013. [Read more…]

Presentations at MEDA on Business Law Basics and Contracts

I do pro bono volunteer legal work with the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil Rights – Legal Services for Entrepreneurs program, which provides free legal services to low-income individuals and immigrants that are starting businesses. It’s a terrific program, and I really enjoy working with new entrepreneurs to help them establish their businesses.

I’ll be giving two workshops in Spanish at the Mission Economic Development Agency over the next few weeks. The workshops are intended to help immigrant entrepreneurs understand basic legal issues affecting their business. [Read more…]

Startup Visas Are a Great Idea!

Congress is currently considering a bill that would provide 75,000 visas to persons who currently hold H-1B or F-1 student visas who have started businesses with investment of at least $100,000 and that employ at least 2 other people within a year and at least five in the following three years.

The bill, the Immigration Innovation Act, received support from President Obama in his State of the Union speech. [Read more…]

Presentations in Medellin, Colombia

Next week I’ll be in Medellin, Colombia attending the Outsource 2 Latin America & Caribbean conference and meeting with clients and partners.

I’ll be giving a talk at Espacio, the new co-working space in Medellin on Dec. 6th at 6p. I’ll be presenting on “Preparing to Seek Capital from Silicon Valley Investors.”

If you are in Medellin for the conference, come on by!