Full life-cycle business counsel

We provide a full range of legal services to startups, entrepreneurs and emerging companies through the life-cycle of formation, financing, on-going operations and exits. The following is an overview of corporate legal services provided:

  • Business Formation
    • Choice of entity
    • Incorporation
    • Initial capitalization and founder’s stock
    • Business licenses, EINs and other initial matters
    • Drafting initial contract forms, terms of service, licenses, etc.
  • Business Financing
    • Equity financing:
      • “Friends and family” investments
      • Seed investments
      • Angel investments
      • Venture capital investments
      • “Crowd-sourced” investments
    • Debt financing: Secured and un-secured loans.
  • Business Operations
    • Customer and supplier contract review and negotiation
    • Employment and HR matters
    • Intellectual property protection and licensing
    • Business disputes
    • Entity governance and ongoing maintenance
  • Business Exits:
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
      • Mergers
      • Stock acquisitions
      • Asset acquisitions
      • Management and employee buy-outs
    • Listing in public markets
    • Wind-up and dissolution.

Investor Representation

We advise and represent founders, seed investors, angel investors, silent partners, and other persons that start and invest in businesses in the negotiation, closing and ongoing maintenance of their investments.

Services for Foreign Businesses

Established foreign businesses entering the US and California markets for the first time face unique challenges. We have extensive experience advising on all aspects of their market expansion, including choice of entity, local representation, adaptation of foreign contracts, and employment and HR matters. Our attorneys are fluent in Spanish, and have represented companies from Asia, Europe and Latin America in transactions of all sizes.