Business Disputes

Business disputes are an unfortunate reality. Whether it is a dispute among owners or investors, a commercial dispute with a customer or a supplier, or problems with competitors, employees or others, most businesses will eventually face one or more disputes that have the potential to be costly and damaging.

That’s why the best defense against potential business disputes is attention to planning and execution of business legal strategies. That means careful business formation and quality advice regarding contracts, human resources and intellectual property. It also means legal thinking that goes beyond the written documents and focuses on avenues for recourse when someone ignores their contractual obligations.

Focus on solutions, not escalation

Still, there comes a point when things break down. We help our clients understand their legal options and execute plans to resolve disputes before there is litigation. Our business law background helps us focus on solving the business dispute while avoiding costly escalation.

Sometimes the other party just needs to be aware of its legal options or the potential repercussions for non-compliance. Sometimes there are legitimate disputes that can be resolved through mediation, alternative dispute resolution or other non-litigation means. Other times a settlement is the best option.

Our goal is to help you accomplish your business objectives. But when push comes to shove, we’ll make sure your rights are protected in court.


We advise, negotiate and resolve business disputes on behalf of regular business clients as well as on an ad hoc basis. If you have a business dispute and want the advice of an experienced business counsel on how to resolve it while controlling cost and escalation, contact us to discuss your problem.