Services for Foreign Companies

At Accelerate Legal, we have particular expertise in serving foreign companies establishing operations for the first time or relocating to the U.S.  Foreign entrepreneurs face special challenges, often including cross-border transactions, language issues, and learning to operate in a different culture and under a different legal regime.

Our clients often represent a new model of emerging companies: products and companies born in one part of the world that gain traction and investment with relocation to Silicon Valley.  Generally speaking, in the past few years we have seen a number of entrepreneurs choose to take a very deliberate strategy in attempting to build a global company:

  1. Develop a product and gain some traction in their country of origin.
  2. Incorporate a company in Delaware, and contribute the IP to the new company.
  3. Move business headquarters to the San Francisco Bay Area to seek investors, partners and customers, all the while participating in Silicon Valley’s unique startup culture. Meanwhile, the company’s development team remains in the country of origin, which reduces development costs and  provides competitive advantages to the business.

We can advise on entity creation, IP transfer, securities filings, investment, and other cross-border legal issues.

In addition to core legal services, we help clients by providing them with referrals to other service providers such as immigration counsel, accountants, banks, co-working spaces, and others.